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Internet, Eliminating The Wait For Information
The Internet has become integral to every aspect of life, be it to communicate with friends or to promote one’s business. Beyond its value for leisure, the Internet has become a significant medium for news delivery, peer-to-peer communication, social networking, and self-expression. The Internet has permeated into every aspect of the world, from personal lives to global politics. It has broadened the scope and the capabilities of communications to the point that the world is now dependent on it. Therefore, the Internet has been the greatest advancement for information and communications technology in the last ten years. Receiving information has never been easier or multifaceted. People can now check their e-mail and stay updated with their friends through the Internet while they are on the move. They can also receive recent news updates to the minute and navigate their exact location on the Earth. Individual Internet users can interact with their peers, with news agencies, and with GPS systems through the same medium. No other technology can tout such a feature. The Internet has eliminated the concept of waiting for information, shortened the number of steps in order to obtain data, and pushed the boundaries of... Smartphones Empowering The Common People To Create A Real Impact
For decades now, the New York Times has boasted it includes “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” Fox News judges itself “Fair and Balanced.” The Atlanta Journal famously pronounced it “Covers Dixie Like The Dew.” The natural response to these claims is to simply ask, “According to whom?” Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., Rupert Murdoch, and James Kennedy are powerful billionaires, the chiefs of these three media entities, respectively. Their attitudes, life experiences, and perspectives are likely significantly different from those of their audiences, yet permeates media presentations. The media, as well as communications in general, is so important because of the influence it has on people’s views towards national events and cultural trends. Because people cannot witness every important event, watch every film, or test every product, we rely upon those in the media whom we trust are experts. In such a globally connected age, we want to know everything but cannot, so we satisfy 90% of our information fix vicariously. When that information has been manipulated by the social elite controllers of the nation’s media networks, however, the consequence is a distorted presentation of the will of the nation’s People. The... Concerning The Internet (Rafael Galicot & Gregorio Galicot)
In the last ten years many areas of research, old and new, have notably improved and for some us even changed our lives. More and more people own hybrid vehicles, Blu-ray Discs hit the market, cell phones and digital cameras become more common and complex and even in schools classes, smart boards are slowly replacing the classic black board. Yet without a doubt, these pale in comparison to the greatest advancement of all, broadband internet access. It is undeniable that, while this technology continues to improve in speed, reliability and accessibility, more and more people, not to mention countries, are connecting to this anonymous, underground society. In the next couple of paragraphs I will illustrate technological advancements made in the past 10 years or so concerning the Internet and the effects it has had on populations around the world. At home, in classrooms, restaurants, public transit and even on tour buses across North-America and other prominent regions of the world we see people with laptops, cell phones, videogame consoles, Ipods and other similar devices, wirelessly connected to the Internet through radio frequency bands. These Wi-Fi (Rafael Galicot and Gregorio Galicot) type connections are... Wide Spread Usage Of The Modern Cell Phone
The newspaper, the radio and now the cell phone could all be credited with bringing individuals together. In the fast paced, consumer driven industry that we live today, the cliché “time is money” is ever more prevalent. The modern cell phone allows instant communication via email, text message and standard phone call, breaking down time barriers altogether. No longer must an individual be in the office to work. We are more reachable and ultimately communicating at a greater frequency than ever before. Each day 2.5 billion text messages and 247 billion emails are sent and received often by the 280 million cell phone users living world-wide. Therefore, although there have been many great advancements in the communication industry over the past ten years, the most significant is the capabilities and wide spread usage of the modern cell phone. The cell phone is the most significant advancement in communications technology as it enables business to be completed wherever the individual is. Take the iPhone 4.0. This device, with its applications and easy e-mail function allows an individual to check, read and send emails with the use of the new 4G network. Allowing the transmission of this data to occur at a surprisingly... The Crux Of The Internet Question
Most people, at least in my demographic, would agree that the greatest advance in communications of the last decade is the rise of the internet. Specifically, the ability of the individual voice to be heard has led directly to a new age of populist reform. Furthermore, as organizations and governments convert to digital formats, they become more vulnerable to infiltration by individual citizens, and the unregulated frontier of the internet is an ideal form of dissemination for classified and sensitive documents. This means that establishments are vulnerable, and individual voices are becoming louder. Of course, there are other sides to the popularization of the internet; not all hackers are activists, and the unparalleled instant gratification of this era can be used to pacify popular movements as well as it can rally them. Like anything else, the internet is multifaceted, but never have so many little facets been given such volume. It is easy to look at the good that the internet has wrought in this society. Networking has never been easier. Young artists of all varieties can upload their work and quickly gain a following, not to mention a market and distribution platform for merchandise. Consumers can buy sell and donate... The Internets World Wide Web
Throughout history technology has played an important role in the development of the human race. It is that very technology that had given humans the ability to travel into space for the first time and still makes it possible for us to further explore life beyond our plane. In the last 10 years, the new era of technology has proved to be even more life-changing. I remember being a mere child witnessing new technical advancements grow and develop by my side. Today my life and future ambitions are constantly reshaped by the expansion in the parameters of technology, primarily in the information and communications technology industry. Information technology has opened the world to a new era of future developments (in business, medical, profit/non-profit, research, etc.) enabling us to rapidly communicate and interchange information in a effective way. One of the greatest advancements in the information technologies have been in the appearance and rapid growth of the Internets World wide web and the enhancements in computer networks. These global events have allowed the emergence of cultures worldwide, connecting hundreds of millions of people through e-mails, social networking sites, and other computer functionalities.... The Internet Boomed To Success
In 2007, something happened. Something that could almost be considered magical. A new category in the communication and information technology industry sprang to life and revolutionized our culture in an unprecedented way. The ground had already been paved for such a world-changing phenomenon. The internet boomed to success at the end of the last millennium, offering many new opportunities for instant communication and information download. Wikipedia took the education world by storm, stirring up new controversies yet also providing the public with the largest free encyclopedia. Social networks were taking off rapidly. Blogs blossomed everywhere. Websites experimented with interactive content. Online businesses drew massive amounts of revenue. Distant rumblings of successful self-publishing companies and e-books shook the confidence of traditional publishers. As the 2000’s began, a general anticipation filled the air. The world was poised, waiting for the next ground-breaking innovation to arrive. And arrive it did. The iPhone. It was a phone like no other. Apple’s revolutionary device seemed to do it all: calling, email, texting, internet, GPS, music, photos, and thousands of cheap or even free apps. The... The Remarkable iphone
The information and communications technology industry has quickly become the fastest growing industry of the 21st century. Many notable advancements that seemed impossible just a decade before are now common household technologies used everyday. Technology advances more rapidly than any other product and companies struggle to keep pace with the ever upgrading market. With such massive industry development over so few years, it is difficult to select one advancement as the greatest of them all. However, in recent years, one Silicon Valley company has seemingly jumped ahead of the rest. This technology powerhouse dreamed up one advancement in particular that I believe to be the greatest of the information and communications technology industry in the past ten years, Apple Inc.’s iPhone. The iPhone is especially notable because it has not only advanced technology, but has changed the way we think about communication. I believe the iPhone is the greatest industry advancement over the last ten years because it redefined an entire industry, has incredibly broad appeal and application, and because it has changed the way we use technology. When the iPhone first came out in June 2007 consumers and producers alike were amazed... The Mobility And Capacity Of Technology
Over the past 10 years, technology has definitely changed for the better of civilization. Today, computers are able to hold an amount of memory incapable of being recognized 10 years ago. Corporations are using this function for the opportunity of developing new systems and improving the business processes. The devices and applications that are being used today would be unfathomable to the average person 10 years ago. The ubiquity of mobile devices of today such as the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android would be unnecessary 10 years ago. The greatest advancement in technology over the past 10 years is definitely the mobility and capacity of technology. With the number of businesses operating today and the amount of information that needs to be stored, a computer from 2001 would be incapable of storing all of the necessary information. Today, business processes such as the procurement, purchasing, and fulfilling each separately require an immense amount of data for a business to function properly to prevent errors and loss in profit. The past has shown us that errors in any of these processes could lead to customer dissatisfaction, frauds and misplacement, errors and confusion, all resulting in huge losses in profit. As... Twittler Changing The Way We Interact
Social networking is undeniably a hot topic in the news today, especially so since the recent, limited field release of a Facebook competitor, Google+, and the $4.3 billion IPO of LinkedIn. Yet while Facebook is the big gorilla in the world of social networking, the purple elephant in the room is really Twitter. In a sense, though social networking is broadly the most significant ‘advancement’ made in the last decade, only Twitter has fundamentally changed the way we share and interact with others. Now, we share and comment in real time beyond our traditional social groups, are more likely to use mobile platforms, and have created a data mine with amazing predictive abilities. On 1 May 2011, when a press release stated President Obama was to make a special conference at night, something else was spreading like wildfire on Twitter: Osama Bin Laden’s death. Once the President announced Osama’s death, the collective reaction on Twitter could be summarized by mommyboots, who wrote, “Obama: “Osama Bin Laden is dead.” Twitter: “Yeah. We know.”” Twitter allows for the instantaneous transmission of news across the entire nation, the entire world. Just a few tweets and retweets later, a 200 million people community is in the know. In... Engaging With Facebook
More than one hundred and fifty million people engage with Facebook on external websites every month (Brown Web.) This statistic may seem negative; images of users wasting time playing games like Farmville and Angry Birds come to mind. However, there are more than one million entrepreneurs and developers from one hundred and eighty countries on Facebook. After hearing this statistic, social networking does not seem like such a poor use of time. Facebook, along with other social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, have risen to tremendous popularity over the past decade. With the development of these networks, communication in the twenty-first century is increasingly dominated by technology. There is only one main disadvantage of social networking - time consumption. For many people, it is easy to spend too much time with social networking; however, just like in many other aspects of life, each individual must be able to manage their own time wisely. On the other hand, there are many benefits of social networking, including creating business contacts, establishing a brand, and enhancing global exposure. For these reasons, social networking is the greatest advancement in the information and communications... Texting Is The Simplist Way To Communication
The progression of technology is an indication of human determination and extensive will power to dominate the world of convenience. As technology advancements have occurred, life in many ways has become simpler and more efficient. In the early 1900s, electric cars replaced the classic horse and buggy system of transportation. Machinery soon after took over factory jobs, eliminating the majority of human labor in the factory industry. The invention and advancements in computers revolutionized the way the workforce system operates. However, the most transformed piece of technology, even over the past ten years, has been the cell phone. The cell phone in and of itself is an incredible invention. When they was first produced, cell phones were enormous blocks of plastic with large antennas sticking out of the top. From its original time of production to its transformation up to ten years ago, the cell phone has come a long way. However, from ten years ago until now, it has had many more changes that make it a phenomenal device with more features than the average person uses or even knows how to use. From the Motorola Razor to the I-phone 4 and beyond, cell phones have gone from a useful devise to a must have electronic. Cell... Improvements In Social Networking Sites Has Made Staying Connected Easier
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to invite friends to parties, reconnect with old classmates and work collectively to share ideas with only a simple click of a mouse? Well that fuzzy dream of the distant future has, in the last several years, become a reality thanks to the recent improvements made in social networking. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook aren’t just for teenagers, but many diverse individuals as well as businesses and nonprofit organizations use these networks to advertise and stay connected. Within a decade, improvements have been made in technology to help individuals keep in touch, rekindle old friendships, improve business productivity, as well as maintain a balanced floor of diverse debate. During the 2008 presidential election even the candidates used such sites to reach a broader spectrum of voters as well as to inform them about where they stood on certain issues. Anything which encompasses such a broad scope is certainly a notable advancement in the technical communication industry. Young and old alike have been sharing ideas and staying connected via blogs for years, but the use of bizarre usernames made the collaboration impersonal. With social networking websites an individual can do the...

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